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The Institutions shall prossess 2500 sq mts(two thousand five hundred square meters) of exclusive well demarcated land for the initial intake of one hundred students of which 1500 sq mts (One thousand five hundred square meters) shall be the built up area and the remaining space for lawns, play fields etc.
1st Floor 2nd Floor
Principal Room Math Lab
Office Room Psychology Lab
Staff Room Staff Room
Five ADD.Class Room Art & Craf Center
Computer Room Geography Lab
Common Toilet Biology Lab
Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
3rd Floor 4th Floor
Principal Room Seminer Hall
Visitor’s Room Class Room(2)
Class Room(4) Canteen
Administrative Room Toilet
Library & Reading Room Store Room
Toilet Separate
Ladies Toilet [for Staff]
Health & Physical Edu.Resourse
Common Room






Lab Facilities

1. Mathematical Resource Centre
Geometrical Figures,Chemical thermometer,Abacus Wooden,Abacus wooden, Game of place value, Magnet Fraction disc with magnetic board, Junior phythagoras theorem made of acrylic and many more.

2. Science Resource Centre

# Physics
Ammeter and Galvanometer, Volt meter, Rheostate, Lecklanche Cell, Daniell Cell, Tuning Fork, Vemier Callipers and many more.

# Biology
Dissecting Microscope,Compound Microscope, Ganong’s Light Screen, Physiological System of Human Beings, Digestion System, Cell divisions and many more.

# Chemistry
Boiling Tube, Measuring cylinder, Pipette, Wire Gauze and many more.

3. Psychology Resource Centre
Bhatia batery, Mirror Drawing(Elect.), Memory drum, Koh’s Block, Reasoning ability test, Bell’s Adjustment, TATB, Vocational Interest Record, Rating Scale, Short tem memory, etc and many more.

4. Art And Craft Resource Centre
Compact Disc, Historical event, Color Slide, Publication Material and many more.

5. Language Learnning Lab(Linguaphone)
Clay model, Audio Cassettes, Color slides, Publication material and many more.

6. Computer Lab
15 Computers, 3 Printers, Xerox machine, Scanner with POT & SIT facilities.

Other Facilities
Canteen Hostel for boys & girls separately Parking Space Lift Facility
Game facility with a playground Open space for Additional Accommodation Multipurpose Playfild Safeguard against fire